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Yuri Gore

Welcome to the musical world of Yuri Gore, an

acclaimed composer for media from NSW, Australia.

With an extensive portfolio spanning feature films,

video games, trailers, and more, Yuri is a master

storyteller through the language of music.


With a diverse musical background, Yuri brings a

unique mix of styles and influences to his

compositions. His ability to seamlessly blend genres

elevates his work to new heights, captivating

listeners and leaving a lasting impression.


As a versatile multi-instrumentalist and sought-after

session musician, Yuri brings a rich tapestry of

sounds to his work, infusing every composition with

his signature style and technical brilliance.


In addition to his composition endeavours, Yuri is

also the sole creative force behind the metal band

known as Sykeus. With two awe-inspiring albums

released, Sykeus stands as a testament to Yuri's ability to craft intense, powerful, and immersive experiences for his listeners. As a final addition to his musical sides stands Pasichenko, his producer outlet. Soon to be spanning over many different genres and styles in the EDM sphere, Pasichenko's premier debuted in January 31st 2024 with a full length album of Lofi-hiphop tracks.


Behind Yuri's exceptional talent lies a solid foundation of formal education in music composition at the University of Newcastle. This academic background has equipped him with a deep understanding of musical theory and composition techniques that enable him to craft mesmerising soundscapes that seamlessly merge emotion, narrative, and musicality. 


With an impressive body of work Yuri continues to push boundaries, captivate audiences, and leave an indelible mark on the world of music. Keep an eye out for his next release soon!




Electric guitars: Ibanez S970WRW, Ibanez RG-9, Epiphone Thunder Horse, Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, Epiphone SG. 

Bass guitars: Ibanez SR875, Greg Bennett Coursair.

Acoustic guitars: Cort MR710F, Yamaha G55.

LE210S Leblanc Bliss Clarinet

 Mavis MV1411 Violin

Makala MK-S Ukulele

Songbird Concerto Ocarina Alto C


Microphones: Rode NT-2A, Shure sm57, Shure sm58.

Keyboards: Roland FP-30 digital piano, Komplete Kontrol M-32

Amps: Peavey Triple XXX 2, Peavey 430A 412

Pro-RMP Reamp Box

Swamp Industries DI120 DI Box

Interfaces: Komplete Audio, Scarlett Audio Solo M-III



i7-7700K CPU

DAW: Cubase 10 Pro, Reaper 6, Ableton Live 11

Sample libraries: Spitfire Audio, Audio Bro, Aria Sounds, Cinesamples, Native Instruments, Strezov, 8DIO, Impact Soundworks.

Plugins: Soundtoys, Eventide, Waves Audio, Izotope, GVST

Synths: Serum, Massive, Massive X, Reaktor

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