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- Sykeus -

After a long hiatus due to members leaving the state, Sykeus has been reborn as the solo project by Yuri Gore (founding member, composer, vocalist, & guitarist). With this rebirth comes the Sykeus' first full length album "The Serpents Cult." The album is heavily blend of Scandinavian black metal and modern thrash metal put together with Yuri's original spin on it.

- Concert Music -

Sesshu Toyo 3x3 100pc.jpg

Yuri Gore's second album of concert music. This collection of chamber music is inspired by the artworks of the amazing Japanese artiest Sesshu Toyo.

Album Cover DOM.png

Though still under the name Yuri Gore, this music isn't related to media (game/films) in any way. Destroyer of Man is the first of many to come albums of purely concert music.

- Sykeus -

Sykeus is a metal band formed in early 2017. Their genre is a mix of thrash and black metal. Though currently on a short break, their first full length studio album is set for release mid 2022.


Being such a diverse composer Yuri has written and been a part of many different projects. This is the page where you can find these various outlets.

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