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Step into the mesmerising world of film soundtracks by Yuri Gore. With a keen understanding of cinematic language, Yuri Gore's compositions enhance the power of storytelling on the silver screen. From sweeping orchestral arrangements that heighten the depths of emotion to dark and sinister soundscapes, prepare to be captivated by these unforgettable auditory journeys.

- Painkiller -

Painkiller Album Cover.png

Left of Centre Films' Painkiller is an emotional rollercoaster, telling the story of a man who tumbles down a spiral of depression making every wrong decision along the way...

This black-comedy feature will keep you holding your breath till the last minute!

- Comic Timings of Life -


Knockout Productions' award winning Web-Series "Comic Timings of Life" is about exactly what you think it is! All the ups and downs of life working, seemingly against each other, to create a comedic, light hearted, at times serious, but always enjoyable Web-Series.

- First Sight -

First Sight.png

First Sight is a short film showing the struggles of heartbreak and online virtual dating shown through the comedic lens of the protagonist Sarah.

- The Knockoffs -


The Knockoffs is a feature film set the release early 2020. It tells the story of all the cheap knockoff action figures sucked into a world were they become alive, online to find out they have been brought there to be destroyed.

- Highest Treasure -

Highest treasure.jpg

Highest Treasure is a short film about a post-apocalyptic where a disease has spread and killed all the women on earth. With all that is left, society falls, leaving one father to look out for his son, his highest treasure.

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