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Embark on a sonic adventure through the diverse realms of gaming with Yuri Gore's exceptional soundtracks. With a deep-rooted love for gaming and an unwavering passion for music, Yuri has skillfully composed unforgettable scores that breathe life into virtual worlds.

- Pokemon Myth -

Screenshot 2023-09-19 155852.png

Pokemon Myth *FAN GAME* (not officinal nor affiliated with Nintendo in any way) is all about proving your worth, with many new faces that believe in you throughout your journey, you must strive to become the new Pokemon Champion and prove to everyone that you are more than just a 16 year old kid from Courmine Village.

- Val & Tine -

Val & Tine Album Cover.png

Val & Tine is a hand-drawn platform adventure set in a kingdom of sentient food, where a number of diseases are turning food people into frenzied monsters. In the game you play as Tine, a loyal nurse assistant, as he fights his way across a plagued field hospital to retrieve something dear to his mentor - Val.

As Tine seeks a cure to his own illness, will he resist to the sinister appeal of this dark world?

- Slime Mania 2 -

Slime Mania 2.png

Slime Mania 2 (released 2023) is the two day creation for a game jam acting as a sequel to the original, with updated art, music and mechanics. You play as an omnipotent farmer trying to keep his slimes safe from the outside world. This soundtrack was made in only 8 hours, start to finish!

- Compilation, Vol. 1 -

In indie games, there is often small budgets and shorter time-frames to make the game. Due to this, there is usually very little music needed (or within budget). I have done plenty of smaller/indie/game jams now and have a lot of tracks that I never released as I would rather release full soundtracks than singles and smaller EPs. So now here is a soundtrack of many soundtracks...

- Solomon's Story -

Solomon STory_edited.jpg

Solomen's Story (released 2019) is a narrative based game jam submission that depicts the horrors a soldier has to deal with in war. This gruesome tale ends in a dark twist...

- Break the Cycle -

Break the cycle_edited.jpg

Trapped in a world that's everlooping, you search for a way out, a way, to Break the Cycle...

Break the Cycle (2019) is another game jam creation, a strategy based platformer with a deeper message.

- Suck -


Suck (2019) was Yuri's first time participating in a game jam, though the deadline (one day) was considerably shorter than he was used to, this pressure and team work really solidified his love for game soundtracks.

- Cold Fantasy -

"Endless waves of monsters are coming.  All you have is your sword and the ability to throw anything that moves. Will it be enough?"

Cold Fantasy (2019) is a top down beat'em all set atop a frozen mountain. 

- 1943 -

1943 (2018) is a fan sequel to the beloved arcade game "1942." Though sharing similar mechanics and gameplay, 1943 includes an emotive storyline, interesting and quirky characters, upgrades, bosses, and much much more!

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