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Latest News

The Serpents Cult

After a long hiatus due to members leaving the state, Sykeus has been reborn as the solo project by Yuri Gore (founding member, composer, vocalist, & guitarist). With this rebirth comes the Sykeus' first full length album "The Serpents Cult." The album is heavily blend of Scandinavian black metal and modern thrash metal put together with an original spin.

Comic Timings of Life

Comic Timings of Life is now award winning! Best Trailer (BIFF awards, Sydney Indie SF Awards), Best producer (BIFF), and Best Editor (BIFF). Also semi-finalist, for Best Web Series (Sydney Indie SF Awards) and Best Female Director (Sydney Indie SF Awards). Listen to the Soundtrack now!

First Sight

The virtual world has hit your streaming service! First Sight's jazzy original soundtrack is out now. This short film has an energetic big band to underscore the struggles Sarah faces.

Sesshu Toyo

Yuri Gore's second album of concert music. This collection of chamber music is inspired by the artworks of the amazing Japanese artist Sesshu Toyo. Each piece individually inspired by an independent artwork.

Komplete Devastation

Weekly uploads have started again, and the first track is my first composition with the newly obtained Komplete 12 by Native Instruments

Destroyer of Man

Yuri Gore's first album of concert music. This collection of epic pieces for symphonic orchestra takes inspiration from various stories and legends from around the world.

Blackest Friday

Another piece showcasing/testing new libraries. This time only using libraries I bought on Black Friday. 

Libraries used
- LA Scoring Strings
- Tina Guo Vol.2
- EDNA Earth
- British Drama Toolkit
- Spitfire Orchestral Grand

Genesis Sings 

A short piece to showcase and test Audiobros new choir library "GENESIS SINGS"

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