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Swing your fruit fork, glide with your tea leaf and bounce off creepy-cute platforms in this Hollow-Knight-meets-Fantasia metroidvania, a personal tribute to some of our favourite games and works of art ever. - Val & Tine team

Val & Tine is a hand-drawn platform adventure set in a kingdom of sentient food, where a number of diseases are turning food people into frenzied monsters. In the game you play as Tine, a loyal nurse assistant, as he fights his way across a plagued field hospital to retrieve something dear to his mentor - Val.

As Tine seeks a cure to his own illness, will he resist to the sinister appeal of this dark world?

Yuri Gore is a composer of all styles. Music for media (Film, Games, TV shows, Web Series, Documentaries), freelance composition, session musician, multi-instrumentalist, recording/audio engineer, producer and much more...


Welcome to the musical world of Yuri Gore, an acclaimed composer for media from NSW, Australia. With an extensive portfolio spanning feature films, video games, trailers, and more, Yuri is a master storyteller through the language of music.


With a diverse musical background, Yuri brings a unique mix of styles and influences to his compositions. His ability to seamlessly blend genres elevates his work to new heights, captivating listeners and leaving a lasting impression.


As a versatile multi-instrumentalist and sought-after session musician, Yuri brings a rich tapestry of sounds to his work, infusing every composition with his signature style and technical brilliance.


In addition to his composition endeavours, Yuri is also the sole creative force behind the metal band known as Sykeus. With two awe-inspiring albums released, Sykeus stands as a testament to Yuri's ability to craft intense, powerful, and immersive experiences for his listeners.


Behind Yuri's exceptional talent lies a solid foundation of formal education in music composition at the University of Newcastle. This academic background has equipped him with a deep understanding of musical theory and composition techniques that enable him to craft mesmerising soundscapes that seamlessly merge emotion, narrative, and musicality. 


With an impressive body of work Yuri continues to push boundaries, captivate audiences, and leave an indelible mark on the world of music. Keep an eye out for his next release soon!

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