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What's better than 1 soundtrack? Many different soundtracks!

Introducing a compilation album of all the games and films scored that didn't have enough tracks to make a full soundtrack themselves :(

Yuri Gore is a composer of all styles. Music for media (Film, Games, TV shows, Web Series, Documentaries), freelance composition, session musician, multi-instrumentalist, recording/audio engineer, producer and much more...


Yuri Gore is an emerging composer from NSW Australia, whose work is predominantly heard in independent films or games. His most recent soundtrack was for the feature film “Painkiller” a high-tension dark-comedy from Western Australia, a very different atmosphere from his previous score from the award-winning web-series ‘Comic Timings of Life.’ This film marks the milestone of Yuri's second feature film.


Though most of his work is in soundtracks, Yuri has also released two full length orchestral albums ‘Sesshu Toyo’ (for chamber orchestra: December 2020) and ‘Destroyer of Man’ (for symphonic orchestra: December 2019).

Aside from Yuri’s soundtrack/orchestral based music, he is also the lone member of the metal band ‘Sykeus’ who has just released its first full length album (early 2022) ‘The Serpents Cult.’  


Although a degree is not necessary in the music field, Yuri has attended a formal education at the University of Newcastle where he graduated his Bachelor of Music Composition with Distinction. Throughout his time in formal education he was a part of many different Orchestras, Choirs, and Ensembles of many different styles, multiple of which toured the world and won awards for their abilities in China, Europe, and the USA. So whilst known for his compositional skills, Yuri is a talented performer and session musician in his own right. 


Yuri both performs and records Clarinet, Guitar (both electric and acoustic), Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Violin, Oboe, and various other woodwind instruments such as Ocarina and Recorder.

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